Mission Statement and Band Bio

In early December, 2016 Ethan Whitaker called Robert Ochoa about wanting to jam.  They jammed and the first day within two hours they had written "something"...  SICK MYSTIC WAS FORMED!!!  After that day Ethan decided to bring his roommate Samuel Eggenschwiler to play guitar for the group. The songs kept coming and with each new song,  a closer bond was formed.
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Band Members

Ethan Jeffrey Whitaker - 
Frontman/Lyricist - 
The singer of sick mystic is a man of many words. His vocal mentors are singers such as Chris Cornell and the late Layne Staley. Ethan brings emotion, power and a different perspective to his music. He has had the opportunity to live many lives and weather many storms. He digs words and feelings from a dark past and brings light from the sun shining down on him today. 

Sam Eggenschwiler - 
Guitar - 
Sam's guitar style has no bounds. One moment he will be doing a Jimi Hendrix style blues solo then he will quickly slide into some Buzz Osbourne(the Melvin's) sludge. A true gift to work with and a true joy to listen too. 

Robert Paul Ochoa - 
Bass Guitar - 
Robert is a drive producing, body moving, groove maker. Heavily influenced by bands such as Tool and Alice in Chains, influenced by musicians like Justin Chancellor, Mike Starr and Paul D'Amour. He pulls all of his weight and is the perfect drive to carry Ethan's vocal power. 

Zhenya Pro (Evgeny Prokopenko) - 
Drummer/ Percussionist - 
Born and raised in Belgorod, Russia. 
Joined the band late September, 2017
Amazing chops and a theatrical groove.
Influences: Metallica, NiN, Pantera, Entombed, Borgir,  The Prodigy, Kasabian.

Everything's on its way... We will see you soon!!!!

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